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Vegan Ramen

What’s for dinner I ask? How about some vegan “buttery” #ramen and “chicken” tenders? All under 20 mins 😁

1) Any vegan broth (I used low sodium, so it barely had any taste, which gave me freedom to add my own spices!) – a full pack of Imagine Foods broth from @wholefoods
2) Any noodles you want (half the quantity of a full pack of soup)
3) Any spices you want
4) Any veggies you want (recommend not more than two – otherwise that would be a crowded ramen party)
4) Throw them all in a pot and they’ll be done in about 15 mins

While the above were kissing each other in the pot, I shallow fried some @gardein “chicken” tenders (no oil, they already came done with oil)

You may add vegan butter @miyokoscreamery and any herbs for garnishing. I used chopped #cilantro because it’s the go-to garnishing in the #brownculture 😁

Vegan Ramen and “Chicken” Tenders


Grateful for everything. Love spreading love and being in harmony with nature.

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