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Happy State of Mind

How was your week? Slow? Busy? TGIF! Like most of the people, I used to wait for the weekend to be able to relax and just be happy. However, most of the times, my weekend just flies by. Doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, now I don’t hold myself for being happy until the weekend starts or until after I am done with my weekend chores. Life as we know is busy as some kind of planned or unplanned things keep us occupied. After losing some family members who were sick, I realized that life happens every moment. To be happy, I need not wait for a perfect moment but just have a happy state of mind amidst everything. Being grateful for everything helps me to attain just that. By everything, I mean even any not-so-good experiences because such experiences help me to learn, grow and be stronger. The simplest way for me to be grateful is to be grateful for how many times I breathe and live. This realization makes me happy. The miraculous power of my heart, brain and all my organs to function in harmony with each other is what I am grateful for.

Just wanted to share my personal thoughts as my grateful heart helps me set the path for my happy state of mind.

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Grateful for everything. Love spreading love and being in harmony with nature.

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