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Soup Shop!

After exploring #vegan and #vegetarian food worldwide, I thought it would be helpful to start sharing some honest food reviews from time to time. A few notes on some cool abbreviations in my food reviews:

1. Rating – I don’t want to give a zero rating to anyone’s hard work in cooking something, so if I wouldn’t try something again, then my rating will be “CBB,” which stands for “could be better.” Yes, I just came up with that! 🙂

2. Vegetarian is abbreviated as “veg.”

3. Vegan is abbreviated as “vn.”

My first #food #review is for a #soup place in #Chicago

Place: Soup & Scoops, 6701 N Olmsted Ave, Chicago, IL 60631

Food Items:

1. Cream of mushroom soup – veg. – 5/5 Stars

I love the #creamy taste, the chewy texture of #mushrooms, and the bits of #herbs in this soup. I would go back for this soup. Based on my conversation with the cashier, typically, they would change their soup #menu so that a given soup could be back on their menu after two weeks. Plus, if they have any leftover soup, it is sold for half the price the next day.

2. Detox soup – vn. – CBB

This one is a water broth that looks like tea. I wasn’t sure what to do with it when it came in a soup cup. Drink it directly from the cup? I wouldn’t order this again. I didn’t take a picture of it!

Vibe Check: This is a #beautiful hidden gem with #vintage #furniture, fresh #flowers, and a #colorful #decor that is simple yet pretty. They have cute ice cream cups, but I haven’t tried any of their scoops yet. There was no music, and the place was super quiet. Adding some music should make this place even better.🎵

Parking: There is a cheap parking lot across from this place.

Verdict: Would I go back? Yes! ✅

Enjoy these pictures and share in the comments if you have tried their soup or once you try it!



Grateful for everything. Love spreading love and being in harmony with nature.

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