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Healing Holidays

As you are in the holidays-spirit and meet people, I just thought to share a warm reminder that not all genuine hardships can be seen. The person sitting next to you might be fighting a difficult battle that is unseen. Do not overwhelm people by reminding them of their issues if they act differently. Please do not compare your situation to theirs especially if you are in a better state than them, for example sharing about your good health when they are sick can cause them anxiety or stress. If you have no support to offer then at least genuinely pray for their healing. Materialistic things can be bought, but in my opinion, what matters the most is the time, emotions, and the quality of thoughts that you choose to give.

If someone is trying to heal from health issues that cannot be seen, then it could already be difficult for them to share their issues with even their own family. If they make the effort to share them with you, then please let them know that you won’t judge them and that you won’t push your opinions on them. You may offer support by just being with them, and by listening to them, even if that means listening again to the same thing that they might have already shared. You can ask them what you can do for them. Most of the time, they won’t have an answer to that, so just listen to whatever they can say. As always, show empathy and pray for their healing!

May the holidays bring me, you and the world with immense healing and good health.

Have healing holidays!



Grateful for everything. Love spreading love and being in harmony with nature.

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